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Our customers are mechanics and motorists who are looking for specific auto parts at an affordable price. We have a large facility with new parts, used parts with relatively little damage and old components that are still in good condition. You can find everything from trunk lids and bumpers to consoles and speakers at a fraction of the cost of what you’ll be quoted anywhere else. As opposed to other garages or dealerships, we carry a wide inventory that gives you the flexibility to customize your car to your specifications. When you find the parts you need, you won’t have to haul them away on your own because we’re available to deliver them for free in the local area. Buy recycled car parts from our auto salvage yard to help reduce pollution in landfills and be environmentally friendly. 

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We sell these types of parts at cost-effective rates:

Exterior Auto Body Parts

You can enhance the exterior appearance of your car with inexpensive upgrades from our salvage yard. New and used front end assembly parts, hubcaps or windshields will make a huge difference to the way your vehicle looks. However, these improvements are not always just aesthetic choices. Replacing certain components is  important for safety reasons too. This is especially true for components like airbags and taillights, which keep you safe in an accident and allow other cars to see you in the dark. It’s crucial to stay up to date on these things because they’ll keep you safe while you’re driving out on the road. 

Interior Parts and Accessories

Improve the way you ride with upgrades for your interior cabin’s style and feel. We use our vehicles on a daily basis to commute to work, run errands and generally get us to where we need to go. Because we spend so much time in our car, it’s nice to stay comfortable with features like a properly working temperature control system, radio and attractive trim panels. Whether you want to get replacement AC parts, a well-functioning AV system or new seats, we carry a variety of parts and accessories for your car’s interior. Ride in style and comfort with affordable parts from G & G Auto Recycling Inc.

Mechanical Vehicle Components

From replacement transmissions to used engine parts, our salvage yard has all the mechanical components your car or truck needs to function the right way. When your vehicle’s electrical wiring or front axle shaft is in good condition, it will allow it to run for as long as possible. That’s why it’s so crucial that these parts work the way they’re supposed to, saving you time and money in the long term. With our auto salvage yard, you can get the same parts for much less than the dealership price. The added benefit is that we’ll even haul and deliver them to you, whether you’re a local or in another state. 

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