Buy Used Engines near Chambersburg, MD

Our auto recycling yard can save you time and money if you’re on the hunt for a used engine for your car, truck, SUV, or van. At G & G Auto Recycling near Chambersburg, MD, you are sure to find a used auto engine for replacement. We sell engine blocks, cylinder heads, and valve trains backed by us. What we have in stock will be able to operate correctly in your vehicle. We do our thorough review to inspect the parts we get, including used engines. Once they come into our shop, we get them ready to add to our inventory. You can feel confident about buying a used auto engine because we have tested it for quality and functionality.

We’re the Place to Find Used Auto Engines for Sale

G & G Auto Recycling is your premier spot to find used auto engines for sale since we have a vast inventory of car and truck parts, including used engines, near Chambersburg, MD. We have a large supply of quality previously owned engines but remain in excellent condition. These used engines are just what your vehicle needs to operate again. The used auto engines and the used truck engines we sell are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they are still operable and will work well for our customers. We provide our customers a 90-day warranty for the engine block, head(s), and valve train so that you’re totally satisfied and feel great about the used engine you’ve bought.

These are the used engine parts you may find at our salvage yard:

  • ➤Cylinder head
  • ➤Intake manifold
  • ➤Engine block
  • ➤Exhaust manifold
  • ➤Distributor
  • ➤Oil pan
  • ➤Alternator
  • ➤Throttle body
  • ➤The serpentine belt for AC
  • ➤Power steering pump
  • ➤Starter

Visit Our Salvage Yard for Used Engines in Chambersburg, MD

When you are on the hunt for a used engine for your car, truck, van, or SUV in the Chambersburg, MD, area, then you need to come to visit G & G Auto Recycling. At our auto recycling yard, we offer access to first-rate used auto engines for nearly any vehicle model, whether imported or domestic. If you’re searching for a specific, low mileage used engine, chances are G & G Auto Recycling probably has what you’re searching for in stock and ready for pickup, delivery, or shipping. At our six-acre auto salvage yard, we have used engines and many other quality parts. We offer used, new as well as remanufactured parts.

Along with our attentive customer service, these are some of the benefits that come when you work with G & G Auto Recycling:

  • ➤Affordable used engines and delivery
  • ➤Reduce carbon footprint by buying used engines
  • ➤Wide selection of used auto engines
  • ➤Unique parts for old or out-of-production vehicles

When you buy a used engine from our auto salvage yard, you can buy them with confidence because we include a 90-day warranty. We bet you’ll be pleased with the used auto engine you purchased from us, but we have your back if there is an issue. It’s that peace of mind that we like to give to you. Our customers are our number one focus, and our team is here to help you fulfill your order.

G & G Auto Recycling offers you some of the best quality used engines near Chambersburg, MD. When you are on the hunt for the right used auto engine, G & G Auto Recycling can help you out.

No matter if you’re looking for standard or automatic transmission engines, you can use our convenient online search tool to find what you’re looking for, or you can visit our auto salvage yard near Chambersburg, MD. We have a broad inventory that includes used engines for cars and trucks, foreign and domestic. G & G Auto Recycling carries used truck engines under warranty upon purchase, so you can feel great about buying a used engine from us. We provide free local hauling services and use R & L Trucking or FedEx services to ship nationwide. Call us at 540-662-8622 with any questions.

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