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Auto repairs are costly, and a parts shortage only adds to the situation. If you can’t find the right parts in stock, you may end up waiting weeks — or longer — to complete needed repairs. At G & G Auto Recycling Inc, we’ve been serving customers in northern Virginia for more than 25 years. We carry a wide range of auto parts and supplies for almost any make and model car and offer them at affordable prices. So there is no reason to wait for other Chambersburg VA stores to order the parts you want when we have them in stock and ready to go.

Affordable Car Parts In Stock Today

Affordable doesn’t mean cheap. Many of our repeat customers are mechanics and car enthusiasts looking for high-quality parts at reasonable prices. We carry new and gently used parts for a range of automotive applications. You can also find many older components still in great shape and ready to go into your project car.

Check out our computerized catalog to see if we have the exterior parts you need. Here are just a few examples of the type of parts we stock.

Mechanical Components

Car engine components can mean a lot of things. For example, maybe you need a drive shaft or new transmission. Our salvage yard is a great place to find these components and many others. Plus, we offer free delivery within the local area.

Electrical Parts

Today’s cars are loaded with electrical components. Virtually every part of the car requires an electrical connection to operate. You can find electrical parts for everything from ignition systems to transfer case wiring harnesses to window controls at our salvage yard. So, no matter what car electrical parts you need, we have what you need to help you get your systems back in full operation.

Exterior Parts

From bumpers to trim pieces, exterior parts are easily damaged by accidents or severe weather. This damage detracts from the car’s appearance and can affect vehicle safety. For example, a broken lens on a brake light could contribute to an accident.


Auto accessories can significantly affect your vehicle’s appearance and performance. They can also make it more comfortable to drive every day. At G & G Auto Recycling, we can help you find everything from trim pieces to eliminate an annoying rattle to air conditioning components to help beat the summer heat.

Benefits of Using an Auto Salvage Yard

There are many benefits to using an auto salvage yard. For example, the parts you buy from us are in stock and ready for delivery. A few other benefits of purchasing parts from an auto salvage yard include:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Affordability
  • Availability of older, hard-to-find parts

Affordable Auto Parts in Chambersburg, VA

G & G Auto Recycling is the place to go when you need affordable auto parts in the Chambersburg area. We have a wide range of parts for engines, transmissions, and electrical systems. You can get interior and exterior parts, too. Contact us today to find the part you need to get your car back on the road.

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